Top Invest LLC – graphics, advertising and promotional materials, editing and bookbinding

At the time of establishment of the company, we proposed to contribute to the success of our partners efficiently. This way they can earn their customers’ confidence, and create an attractive image about them. These 15 years of experience proved us, that we reached this goal. We grew and developed together with our partners and the challenges we got, and our finished articles became more and more beautiful. This involved both tehnical development and continuous expansion of supply by diversified technologies.

We started our activity in 1997 in a small office in the heart of Seklerland, in Odorheiu-Secuiesc. In the last 10 years, with hard work and effort, we established with our own financial resources, a large office and an industrial building for production. On a production area of over 650 square meters, equipped with modern facilities handled by our professionally trained colleagues, we try to provide the best quality advertising production services to our partners. We do our best to reward our clients’ confidence with durability, quality and affordable prices.

... you can always count on us!